Introductory meeting: Greening research and innovation practices (UBO) 30 September 2021

Next Thursday 30 September at 10:00 am (CET) will take place the first meeting on greening research and innovation practices, organized by the University of Brest within the reSEArch-EU Project.

Olivier Ragueneau (Researcher at France’s National Center for Scientific Research – CNRS) will introduce the Labo1.5 collective, and the pilot activity ongoing at UBO to measure the carbon footprint originated as a result of research activities.

Odile Blanchard, economist at the university of Grenoble, will describe the the GES 1point5 methodology.

The meeting will focus on discussing possible uses of the GES methodology in different countries, as well as on the planned Position Paper of the SEA-EU Alliance on the footprint produced by research and innovation activities.