Food Security SEA EU Talent Webinar was held 3 listopad 2023


On 03th October a new session of the SEA EU Talent was held about “Food Security” and was presented by M. Laura Martín Díaz, the reSEArch EU Project Coordinator from University of Cádiz.


Food Security is a fundamental pillar for our entire society as well as their associated quality and impacts. In this topic there are many different fields of study, but all of them are equally important.


Concretely, in this session of the “SEA EU TALENT” initiative, two speakers belonging to the different Universities had carried out their interesting talks. These young researchers have contributed with their studies, from different lines of research and raising very interesting and novel and challenging topics.


The webinar started with Beatriz Arce-López from Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO), talking about “MYVITOX Project – Mycotoxins FB1 and OTA toxicological effects on human cells: new in vitro models”. 


Secondly was the turn for Pierre-Yves Cadalen from UBO talking about “Methanation Units Development in Brittany: Conceptualizing the links between Food Security, Climate Change and EnergyTransition in the Anthropocene ”.  


After the interventions of the speakers, an interesting round of questions began among the participants exchanging very relevant aspects. In total there were about 15 people who attended this seminar from the different Universities of the Alliance.


 Thank you very much to all attendees and participants. We hope you liked the activity and we are sure that interesting synergies and collaborations will emerge between these young researchers.


 If you want to see the session again, you have it available on our YouTube channel.