Transformation Lab (Brest)

The Transformation Lab is one of the pilot activities promoted by the reSEArch-EU to make researchers of the SEA-EU Alliance and local stakeholders come closer to one another. Two Transformation Labs were planned, the first of which took place last April 2022 in Brest.

During the first Transformation Lab, researchers coming from all the SEA-EU partners held a series of activities with local stakeholders from the Brest-Iroise area, so that the latter could explain better to the former the current needs of the area to ensure a greener, environmentally and economically sustainable future. You can read the news release of the event here.

Now, a brief summary of the first Transformation Lab has been released, with an thorough explanation of the activities during those days as well as the perceptions held by the group of participant researchers about relations with local stakeholders in research and innovation: