The SEA-INNOVATE HUB aims to linking technological potential of the Alliance with the market needs. Based on three pillars – sharing good practices, servicing databases and utilizing a dedicated Marketplace Tool – the SEA-INNOVATE HUB will create a new environment in which innovation thrives, and has generated breakthroughs in the way in which business, higher education and research collaborate. This approach helps to address complex and interlinked societal challenges, by combining sectoral and cross-sectoral innovation and bringing together people from different sectors, backgrounds and disciplines.


SEA-INNOVATE HUB will also provide (early stage) researchers from the Spin-off Competence Lab the opportunity for networking and exchanging experiences with business professionals from industry, for example in the course of joint (online) events or workshops.


A platform will provide tools and training, using the resources of SEA-EU Academy and integrating the Spin-off Competence Lab on cooperative management of research infrastructure; possibilities for improved regional and institutional governance for the sharing of  facilities, equipment and other resources to better leverage strategic assets.