Introductory meeting on the Transformation Lab 5 November 2021

On Tuesday the 5th of October, Pierre Stephan (researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research and involved in the SEA-EU Alliance) introduced the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network [], and more specifically the part of it which is located around Brest: the Zone Atelier Brest Iroise [].


Research in this 6 700 square kilometers area focuses on coastal vulnerability, water quality & biodiversity along the land-sea continuum, sustainability between restoration, conservation, exploitation & uses and the Long-term trajectories of socio-ecological systems.


The content of a workshop which is to take place in April 2022 was also introduced : researchers from accross the Alliance will be invited onto the field to meet and exchange on various topics with stakeholders from the area regarding a sustainable future for these socio-economic ecosystems.


For more information, or to get involved :