Résultats de la recherche pour : (26)

During the European Researchers’ Night (ERN), Universities members of the Alliance held different activities, workshops and exhibitions.   The European Researchers Night is an opportunity to meet scientists and a chance to discover the fascinating world of science in a less serious than usual format.   ERN participants will have a variety of attractions related to the […]

On October 26th will be held at the University of Cadiz the open science conference: From Open Access and Open data to the involvement of citizens.   It will be a day in Spanish and mixed format (face-to-face and online) where participants will attend a series of workshops and talks related to open science and […]

On 03th October a new session of the SEA EU Talent was held about “Food Security” and was presented by M. Laura Martín Díaz, the reSEArch EU Project Coordinator from University of Cádiz.   Food Security is a fundamental pillar for our entire society as well as their associated quality and impacts. In this topic […]

On 20th October the first session of the Spin-off Competence Lab was held by Raúl Estrada.   The session was about the Lean Canva Methodology for early researchers who have interest in entrepreneurship apart from their scientist aspirations. Estrada explained in a very entertaining and easy way the important steps about how our students should […]

From 4 to 6 July the Workshop on Speculative Design, focused on the possibilities of remote research in the future, is taking place at the University of Split. Participants from the SEA-EU Alliance are joining efforts to brainstorm how the research infrastructure of their respective universities might be remotized and how remote access to research […]

Last week took place the Transformation Lab, hosted by the University of Western Brittany. The Transformation Lab consisted of a series of hybrid and face-to-face activities aiming at understanding how researchers working for the European University of the Seas engage with their surrounding stakeholders and improving the environmental, socio-economic sustainability of their educational and research […]

  Last Wednesday 27 April Dr Ritienne Gauci (University of Malta) led a virtual lecture on open science theory and practice. The event, though mainly aiming at the Open Science Ambassadors of the SEA-EU Alliance, was open to the public and provided an opportunity for stakeholders external to the SEA-EU Alliance to grasp the ambitions […]

Last 26 April the Transformation Lab, organized by the University of Western Brittany (UBO), kicked off in Brest. In this event, researchers and stakeholders from all partners of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) joined to discuss on the main challenges for sustainable research and the future of the socio-ecosystems around all partner universities […]

The values of open science in terms of accessibility, research scrutiny, and data transparency are important ethical values that all scientists should aspire to achieve. But how open can and should research be? How is it affecting emerging power relations between academia, business and government within which knowledge is produced and consumed? Join this SEA-EU […]

  Last Wednesday 30 March the Open Science Ambassadors of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) held the first video meeting after the Staff Week on Open Science that took place in Malta in January.   The role of the Open Science Ambassadors (OSA) consists of the dissemination and mainstreaming of open science practices […]