Spin-Off Competence Lab

The Spin-Off Competence Lab is designed as a competence laboratory dedicated to early stage researchers, to whom virtual training is offered for the adquisition of both hard skills (knowledge on intellectual property rights, innovation management, etc.) and soft skills (problem solving, self-management, entrepreneurial abilities, etc.). It will be implemented in a two-step process to increase and exploit the potential of entrepreneurial ideas and initiatives of young academics and researchers:

  • The first step will be achieved by the development of a competence laboratory dedicated to early stage researchers and offering virtual  training – on the platform of SEA-EU Academy – and up-skilling on ‘future-proof’ competencies including problem-solving, self-management and entrepreneurship capabilities as well as soft skills and emotional intelligence. The workshops will be led by experts from both academia and industry, business professionals (including stakeholders of the SEA-INNOVATE HUB), start-up founders (e.g. as role models for entrepreneurial success stories) and university experts in entrepreneurship, IPR and innovation management.
  • Second, existing local university facilities specialized in supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and start-ups serve as a link between the Spin-off Competence Lab and entrepreneurial enabled scientists by providing integrated follow-up services and support.

Education and training will provide an effective channel for dissemination of new knowledge directly into workplaces and will support entrepreneurial thinking of young academics to start their own business.