Spin-Off Competence Lab

What is the Spin-Off Competence Lab?

The Spin-Off Competence Lab is designed as a competence laboratory dedicated to early stage researchers, to whom virtual training is offered for the acquisition of both hard skills (knowledge on intellectual property rights, innovation management) and soft skills (problem solving, self-management, entrepreneurial abilities).

How has it been designed?

Experts in business management and entrepreneurship from the SEA-EU Alliance have designed a curriculum focused on filling the learning gaps of researchers who might be interested in exploring how their research projects may feed into business ideas and get into the productive sector.

An exploratory survey of the survey of the interests and current knowledge on entrepreneurship and business management among young researchers at the European University of the Seas was conducted in the 2021/2022 academic year. During the 2022/2023 academic year, a series of webinars will be delivered by experts on different topics related to the generation of business ideas and the first steps for researchers to become entrepreneurs.

How can I attend any of these sessions?

The webinars were livestreamed on the YouTube channel of the SEA-EU Alliance. The contents explained there will also be uploaded to the SEA-EU Academy.

Held sessions

More Information and session video: https://researcheu.sea-eu.org/design-thinking-solving-problems-with-new-ideas-kiel-university/