Aldo Drago (University of Malta)

Prof. Aldo Drago set up the Physical Oceanography Unit in Malta dealing mainly with operational marine observations and forecasts and related downstream services. He participated in several EU funded regional and pan-European scientific projects, with leadership role in INTERREG and MED Programme projects. He served as Director of Research within the IOI-Malta Operational Centre since 2000, and became Director of the Centre in 2006. He planned and initiated the IOI Malta course on Regional Ocean Governance in 2005. Prof. Drago also served as the Executive Secretary of MedGOOS, the GOOS Alliance for the Mediterranean, from 1998 to 2013. He was the Maltese delegate on several international fora and is currently serving on the BlueMed Group of Senior Officials, Co-Leader on the JPI-Oceans Joint Action Science for Good Environmental Status, Expert on the COPERNICUS Marine Service Champion User Advisory Group, Member of the COPERNICUS Academy Network, and of the EOOS Operations Committee. Prof. Drago coordinated the M.Sc. in Applied Oceanography at the University of Malta since 2015, and led the running of the first SEA-EU course on Marine Data Literacy in 2021/22.