SEA-EU Talent

What is SEA-EU Talent?

The reSEArch-EU Project not only seeks results in terms of entrepreneurship, stakeholder engagement, open sience, etc. but also intends to serve as a launch pad for researchers in the SEA-EU Alliance.

As part of the dissemination activities, led by the University of Cadiz, the SEA-EU Talent programme is developed with the aim of promoting the work of the SEA-EU Alliance’s young researchers, thus increasing the social impact of their investigations and giving a boost to their careers.

How does it work?

To attain such objectives, the SEA-EU Talent programme will carry out activities such as:

  • The promotion of the most outstanding research groups in the SEA-EU Alliance.
  • The recording and dissemination where researchers of the Alliance may promote themselves.
  • The organization of webinars and other online events where research groups of the Alliance may show their latest research to the public.
  • The celebration of in-person events in public places to host discussions between scientist and citizens.

SEA EU Talent Resources

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