Boris-Marko Kukovec (University of Split)

About him

I’m Head of Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, University of Split, and working in the field of chemical crystallography, coordination chemistry, crystal engineering and coordination polymers. I’ve been nominated as the Open Science Ambassador because I frequently publish my work in the open access journals.

Meaning and value of Open Science

Open Science offers me a possibility to share my work more efficiently with the scientific community. It enables my work to become more approachable and more visible to other scientists, hopefully leading to a higher number of citations and more recognition in my field of research.

Expectations for reSEArch-EU

I hope the said project will encourage scientists at SEA-EU universities to publish more frequently in the top-quality open access journals, regardless of the associated additional costs e.g. publication fees, also making them more familiar with the benefits of Open Science publishing.