Coffee Lectures in WS 2023/24 “Open Data SH & Open Data@CAU”

Short intro/announcement

Tuesday, 14 November 2023
Open Data SH & Open Data@CAU
Jesper Zedlitz (State Chancellery Schleswig-Holstein), Thorge Petersen (Central RDM), Ove Sörensen (Central RDM)

In this lecture, we’ll be focusing on two important data platforms: the Open Data Portal of Schleswig-Holstein and opendata@uni-kiel. The Open Data Portal of the Schleswig-Holstein region offers access to over 25,000 datasets covering various areas such as education, energy, healthcare, environment, and science. These datasets are made available for public use, mostly from governmental sources.
Additionally, we’ll take a closer look at opendata@uni-kiel, which serves as the institutional data repository for CAU Kiel. Here, you’ll learn how this platform is a reliable resource for open research data for scientists and researchers. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities and potential of these two data sources, which provide a rich data pool for research and analysis purposes. We will also discuss how Open Data and FAIR Data principles can strengthen the scientific community and contribute to transparency and collaboration in research. We welcome your questions and contributions to the discussion.


Open to all members of Kiel University.
25 attended

Outcomes/Discussions from the meeting

The data platforms in Schleswig Holstein are very easy to use and a good possibility to make
researchers work openly accessible. The library support in decisions towards intellectual property

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