Comprehensive Research Data Management (RDM) webpage


A comprehensive Research Data Management (RDM) webpage was created to provide researchers with a centralised resource for managing their research data. The webpage is structured into three primary sections: RDM FAQs, drUM (data repository University of Malta) FAQs, and Copyright and Licences information. Additionally, a Help page specifically tailored for drUM users is available on the repository’s homepage.

Webpage Overview

  1. RDM FAQs
    The RDM FAQs section provides essential information and answers to frequently asked questions regarding Research Data Management. This
    includes guidance on data organisation, documentation, and storage best practices. Researchers can find valuable insights into the entire lifecycle
    of research data, from planning and collection to preservation and sharing.
  2. drUM FAQs
    The drUM FAQs section is focused on addressing common queries related to the University’s research data repository. It provides researchers with
    detailed information on how to use drUM effectively for storing and sharing their research data. This section is crucial for ensuring that researchers
    can navigate the repository seamlessly and take full advantage of its features.
  3. Copyright and Licences
    Understanding copyright and licensing is vital in the context of research data. The Copyright and Licences section on the webpage provides
    researchers with insights into the legal aspects of data sharing. It outlines the various licensing options available and helps researchers make
    informed decisions about sharing their data while respecting intellectual property rights.

Help Page for drUM

As part of the customization of drUM, a dedicated Help page has been created to guide users through the process of using the research data repository. This supplementary resource, available in PDF format, offers step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and additional tips to enhance the user experience.


The University of Malta’s dedicated webpage on Research Data Management, coupled with the customised Help page for drUM, stands as a commendable effort in promoting Open Science and facilitating the effective management and sharing of research data. These resources not only
provide valuable information but also contribute to a culture of transparency, collaboration, and responsible data stewardship within the University community.

Researchers are encouraged to explore the webpage ( and the drUM Help page ( to harness the full potential of these tools in advancing their research endeavors. The University’s commitment to Open Science, as reflected in these resources, is a significant step towards fostering a robust research environment.