Cristian Sánchez Benítez – SEA EU Talent – Migration and human rights

SEA EU Talent Communications – Migration and human rights


Immigration, criminal law and human rights


The aim of this intervention is to provide data to refute the hate speeches that have resurfaced in recent years in Spain and which have contributed to creating an image of migration as synonymous with crime. This link between immigration and crime is actually promoted by other factors, not necessarily because immigrants commit more
crime than the native population. Factors such as an increase of the police control over immigrants, unfavourable socio-economic and cultural conditions that correlate positively with crime and, most importantly, specific processes of criminalisation of immigration, mainly through the conversion of behaviours committed by illegal
immigrants into crimes. For example, the criminalisation of the sale of products (mainly clothes) on the streets of Spanish cities. On the other hand, in Spain, following the example of other EU countries, an attempt was made in 2013 to criminalise humanitarian aid to migrants with the crime 318 bis of the Spanish Criminal Code.


I have a degree in Law (2012), a Master’s degree in the penal system, criminality and security policies (2013) and a PhD in Social and Legal Sciences from the University of Cadiz (2019). The line of research was “penal system and security”.

Currently, since October 2021, I have been working as a temporary lecturer at the University of Cadiz, in the area of Criminal Law. I teach several subjects related to criminal law and criminology, in the degrees of Law, Criminology, Social Work and in several master’s degrees.

I hold, since octubre 2022, the national habilitations to be able to apply for university positions as assistant lecturer and contract lecturer.

I have participated in a total of seventeen conferences and seminars and I have carried out several research stays in foreign universities (Havana, Münster and Göttingen). I have several accreditation diplomas in foreign languages (English (B2 Cambridge), French (B2
DELF)) and I have also passed courses offered by the University of Cadiz in German (B1 and B2) and Italian (A1).I have published a book entitled “Derecho penal del enemigo en España” (Criminal Law of the Enemy in Spain), fifteen articles, and I have participated in several book chapters.

Most of my publications can be found at the following links: