Croatian Research Data Management Training Program: Supporting the Organization, Sharing, and Reuse of Research Data

Participants: Ljiljana Poljak (Library Department of Research Services and Development, University of Split)
Date: 11-13 October 2021

Format: Online


The University Computing Center (SRCE), in coordination with the National Research Data Alliance (RDA), has collaborated with authors from various prominent libraries in Croatia, including the University Library Rijeka, Split University Library, the City and University Library in Osijek, and the National and University Library in Zagreb, to develop an online self-paced course titled “Research Data Management.”

This course was designed to be accessible to a wide range of participants, including researchers, students, teachers from diverse fields, librarians, and data enthusiasts. It was open to individuals who wish to gain a deeper understanding of research data management within the context of the research data life cycle. Importantly, there are no prerequisites or prior knowledge requirements for enrolment in this course.

The primary objective of the course was to empower participants with essential knowledge and skills related to research data management, irrespective of their scientific discipline. Throughout the course, participants will be guided through fundamental concepts, steps, and methods for effective research data management. One of the key features of this course is its self-paced nature, which allows participants to learn at their own speed. All course materials and lessons are accessible simultaneously, enabling individuals to progress through the content at their preferred pace.

Participants have the flexibility to engage with the entire course curriculum or focus on specific sections that align with their interests and needs. Upon successful completion of all course lessons and knowledge assessments, participants received a certificate of completion as well as a digital badge recognizing their proficiency in research data management. This course is a valuable resource for anyone looking to
enhance their understanding of research data management practices and principles, contributing to improved data handling and organization in various academic and professional contexts.

Screenshot from PPT Supporting the Organization, Sharing, and Reuse of Research Data