Dalibor Prančević (University of Split)

Dalibor Prančević, UNIST (Croatia). He is an art historian whose research interest focuses mainly on the issues of art and visual culture of the twentieth century and today. He is an author and leader of the scientific research project Sculpture on the Crossroads Between Socio-political Pragmatism, Economic Possibilities and Aesthetical Contemplation funded by the Croatian Science Foundation (2017 – 2020). He has been awarded by several prominent scholarships (The Henry Moore Institute – Leeds, Getty Research Institute – Los Angeles), the last of which is The Fulbright Post-doctoral grant (USA, 2018). He regularly publishes scientific articles and essays related to the modern and contemporary art and visual culture. He currently holds the position of associate professor at the Department of Art History, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split, Croatia