Data Repository at the University of Malta (drUM)


drUM (an acronym for ‘Data Repository at the University of Malta’) is the UM’s data repository. Launched in October 2023 and powered by Figshare, drUM gives researchers the opportunity to preserve and share their research data. The multi-disciplinary data repository represents a significant advancement in the field of Open Research Data and Research Data Management (RDM).

Implementation Phase

The implementation phase of drUM began in February 2023 and was completed in September 2023. It involved the following key activities:

  • Weekly meetings with FigShare representatives to discuss the technical aspects of the infrastructure and to ensure that it met the specific needs of the UM research community.
  • Setting up a stage environment of the platform for testing purposes.
  • Collecting data from various researchers to use for testing.
  • Training staff on how to use the platform.
  • Developing documentation and support materials for users.
  • Launch.


Although drUM is built on the Figshare infrastructure, it has been customised to meet the needs of the University of Malta. Part of the implementation process included branding the repository with a logo.

The repository is accessible through the following URL:

Below is a screenshot featuring the homepage of the repository.

Benefits of drUM

drUM offers a number of benefits to UM researchers, including:

  • A secure and reliable platform for storing and preserving research data.
  • The ability to share data with other researchers and to make it publicly available (if desired).
  • Enhanced visibility and impact of research.
  • Compliance with funder and publisher requirements.
  • Support for Open Science practices and principles.


The launch of drUM is a significant milestone for the UM research community. It provides a valuable platform for researchers to manage their data effectively and to share it with others. This will help to foster innovation and collaboration, and to promote the implementation of Open Science practices and principles at the UM.

Additional Information

Through its Open Science Department, the UM Library is committed to providing ongoing support to users of drUM. This will include training workshops, user guides, and one-on-one assistance.