DECODE – Science is Open – Serious Game

DECODE is a serious game developped by UBO aiming at introducing the key concepts of Open Science
to the general public, students and researchers. Participants will learn about the key principles of Open
Science. They will learn to identify reliable funders, why it is important for sources to be indicated and
accessible, and discover what to look for in an article to know if it is in accord with Open Science

The scenario of the game is based on the escape game style : The year is 2123, and the human
population has been locked out of history’s entire research data and scientific results by S.A.I.N.T
(System of Analysis and Intelligent Neuronal Technology), an artificial intelligence with ill-intentions
which has escaped humanity’s control. S.A.I.N.T’s creator, a researcher, and the only one who knows
how to take back control of the A.I, has gone missing.

The game takes place in said researcher’s office, and participants play the role of the best codebreaking,
puzzle solving expert in the country. They will get to interpret clues, decipher puzzles and
solve the mistery which will lead to the code to unlock research.

UBO has rendered the game public and free to use by all. The package available for print :

  • Game guidelines
  • The trial questions, grids and puzzles
  • Fake newspaper articles
  • Fake scientific articles