Dessimination of project objectivs and results

Date: September 29, 2023
Location: The square of Arenal in Jerez de la Frontera
Event: European Night of Investigators:

Attendees: citizens, students, researchers, and organizers.
Presenters: M. Laura Martín Díaz, Beatriz Díaz Garduño, and Mariia Iamkovaia


Posters were designed to demonstrate the values, missions, and work done in the
projects reSEArch-EU of the SEA-EU alliance. Thus, the participants could get to know about the
activities accomplished, get involved in the educational seminars and workshops performed, and
become familiar with the platform and policies developed in the framework of the reSEArch-EU

The design of posters to highlight the principles, missions, and work of projects reSEArch-EU
may be a powerful approach to enlighten and engage participants. Whereas, the goal is to hold
participants’ interest and provide them with a complete understanding of the projects and their