European Researchers’ Night – UCA

During the European Researchers’ Night, the University of Cadiz held two workshops and the exhibition of informative posters about the project.

Science shop

We created a temporary Science Shop so that citizens could say what they would ask the University to research to improve aspects of their daily lives.

With these ideas, lines of research directly related to the needs of the population will be proposed using the principles of co-creation.

In this document you can see the original citizens’ requests:

Spanish Version


English Version


In the following word cloud you can see the ideas of the citizens:

Community word cloud of science

Design and implementation of gamification tool Mentimeter to create a live word cloud, throughout the night, which is updated for citizens to see their contribution to the workshop.

Participants have to answer a question by scanning a qr code from their mobile, and it is anonymously projected on a screen.

The question was: What emotion does the word science or research provoke in you?

This was the final result thanks to the participation of more than 200 people. The emotions that citizens most related to science and research were: curiosity, hope and progress.

Community Word Cloud

Exhibition and explanation of the project’s informative posters

Thanks to the informative material, before conducting the workshops, citizens understood what we do in the reSEArch EU project, the importance of public participation and their opinion for us and thus decided to participate in our workshops.