Science Shops Webinars 5 June 2023

University of Gdansk has been develop, test and run the Science Shop model bringing students, researchers and civil society together with the aim to tackle actual issues at the local and regional levels. 


The Marine Science Shop provides an inclusive and safe space for participatory dialogue. and promotes social inclusion and sustainability due to the nature of the activities which can link social groups and foster social cohesion. 


Aside from positively impacting the co-creation of solutions to real world problems, the process of societal engagement strengthens both the research process and its outcomes, thereby contributing to research excellence and acceptability of innovation outcomes.


With the aim to share the concept behind a Science Shop with the reSEArch-EU partners, UG organised a series of webinars entitled “Community Driven Participatory Research and Education” where various tools for public engagement via Science Shop will be discussed. The participants have taken part in special training courses (divided into small modules, 5 days x 2 hours) conducted by UG staff as well as invited guests.


More information about the activity: https://researcheu.sea-eu.org/science-shops/