Webinars full of ideas, resources and experiences for entrepreneurs at the Spin Off Competence Lab 21 June 2023

The Spin Off Competence Lab is almost coming to an end of its series of webinars. It is a competence laboratory dedicated to early stage researchers and offering virtual training available on the platform of SEAEU Academy.


At the end, this Spin Off Competence Lab will take the form of a set of workshops/webinars addressed to early stage researchers led by experts from both academia and industry, business professionals (including stakeholders of the SEA-INNOVATE HUB), start-up founders (e.g. as role models for entrepreneurial success stories) and university experts in entrepreneurship, IPR and innovation management. 


The last two sessions will take place around the month of July and the reSEArch EU team will finish this task, which will be available to all those interested on our website. 


More information about the Spin Off Competence Lab is here: https://researcheu.sea-eu.org/spin-off-competence-lab-2/