Freshers’ Week Library Tours


Freshers’ Week Library Tours are an essential part of welcoming new students to the University environment, providing them with vital information about available resources and services available at the University of Malta Library, including its Open Science department.

Open Science Department: Overview

The Open Science department of the University of Malta (UM) Library plays a pivotal role in promoting transparency, collaboration, and accessibility in research. Its primary objectives include promoting Open Science, uploading academic research output on the UM’s Institutional Repository – OAR@UM, advocating in favour of open access and providing support and advice on copyright clearance, licences, embargo periods, and any other issues pertaining to open access publishing. Additionally, the Open Science department has been actively involved in the setting up of drUM, the UM’s recently launched Data Repository.

Librarians delivering library tours provided detailed insights about all Library services, explaining the significance of Open Science in today’s academic landscape.

Key Performance Indicators

The library tours usually run for the first week of October (during Freshers’ week), but this year (2023) these were extended throughout all of October. The success rate is measured by the interest of students to participate in such tours.

22 library tours were conducted in October 2023, with a total attendance of 148 participants.


In concluding the assessment of the Freshers’ Week Library Tours, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges in precisely measuring the impact through traditional KPIs. Understanding the depth of knowledge a student gains from a single tour is complex. However, the primary aim of these tours was to provide a broad introduction, ensuring that all participants, at the very least, heard about the services and understood their basic functionalities.

The intention behind the library tours was to plant the seed of awareness among the freshers. By offering a general overview, the library aimed to familiarise students with the existence of the Open Science department and its services. Subsequently, it becomes the responsibility of the students to explore further, inquire, and seek assistance when needed. These tours acted as catalysts, encouraging curiosity and prompting proactive engagement with the Library resources.

The Freshers’ Week Library Tours have undeniably achieved their fundamental goal of fostering awareness among University freshers. They have sown the initial seeds of understanding, enabling students to recognise the presence of valuable services within the university’s academic ecosystem. Looking ahead, sustained efforts in this direction will be integral, not only in enhancing students’ academic experiences but also in nurturing a research culture that thrives on openness, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within the University community.