Interview on Radio Mocha about Open Science and SEA-EU


Raelene Church and Audrey Zammit were invited for an interview on Radio Mocha Malta. This is a weekly
radio show, that aims to bring Science closer to the public. It has 1200 followers on Facebook.

Presentation Highlights

During the interview, Raelene Church and Audrey Zammit, explained the concept of Open Science in
layman’s terms. In particular, the aspects of Open Data, Open Repositories and Citizen Science were
discussed, with references to concrete projects and structures that the University of Malta is involved in.
These include EMODnet, the CALYPSO series of projects, Spot the Jellyfish, the University Open Access
and Open Repository infrastructures. The SEA-EU alliance, and the importance that it gives to mobility of
students and research were also discussed during the interview.

Engagement and Outreach

The interview was broadcast on the national radio station, Radju Malta, on Thursday, 19th May 2022. A
video recording of the programme is still available on the program’s Facebook page. The post has 8 likes
and 4 shares.


This interview provided a good platform to create awareness about the SEA-EU and the role of Open
Science in modern society.

Radio Mocha Facebook post with a recording of the interview