Julia Priess-Buchheit (University of Kiel)

Infos: www.olafbathke.de

About her

Julia Priess-Buchheit (Prof. Dr.) is a researcher at Kiel University, specializing in teaching and learning open science, ethics, integrity, and social technologies. She has a notable career including serving as the Dean of Studies at the Academic Centre for Sciences and Humanities, founding the Teaching and Learning Scientific Practice network in Germany, chairing the board of the Zentrum für Konstruktive Wissenschaft e.V., coordinating a Horizon2020 project, and receiving several awards for her innovative teaching and digital learning settings.

Meaning and value of Open Science

For me Open Science is the movement towards a more collaborative and transparent research process that encourages sharing and utilizing knowledge. It holds immense value as it promotes transparency and the reconstruction of study designs, accelerates innovation, and enhances the integrity and quality of research, thereby democratizing knowledge and fostering global scientific progress.

What can we expect from reSEArch-EU?

I think the mutli-disciplinary approach of SEA-EU can contribute to the development of thoughtfully and inclusive crafted outcomes for open science, integrating diverse perspectives from various fields. Therefore, SEA-EU could serve as an ideal platform to generate the critical momentum needed to establish widely accepted standards and benchmarks within the larger research community at alliance level.