Krzysztof Piotr Bielawski (University of Gdansk)

Since the beginning of his academic career Prof. Krzysztof Piotr Bielawski has been associated with the University of Gdańsk. He is the Head of the Department of Molecular Diagnostics of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and Medical University of Gdańsk, and since 2016 – the Vice-Rector for Innovation and Liaison with Business and Community at the University of Gdańsk. He has published over 110 original and review scientific papers. He has held scientific internships at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, Muenster University, Lund University and INSERM in Lyon. He has implemented several national grants and was coordinator of the 5th (HepBvar) 6th (Virgil) and 7th Framework Programme (MOBI4Health) and two HORIZON 2020 (STARBIOS 2 and RESBIOS) projects on the Polish side.