Ljiljana Poljak (University of Split)

Who is Ljiljana?

I am a librarian with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science (LIS), currently pursuing a Ph.D. in LIS. My responsibilities include analyses of scientific productivity, web development, institutional repository management, open science advocacy, and ORDO functions.

What is your previous experience in Open Science?

Since open research data advocacy is one of our University’s priorities, we are raising awareness about the importance of managing and sharing research data, and providing support for researchers in doing so. Sharing data practices are becoming an important aspect of doing research, and we (the Library) are positioning ourselves in that process as specialists who can assist researchers in handling their research data and making them open.

How can reSEArch-EU support you in promoting Open Research Data practices?

Collaboration is one of the main principles of open science and it is essential for solving complex issues we are facing today. Similarly, I think that collaboration is equally as important in providing excellent service and support for our researchers regarding their open research data.