Marek Zukowski (University of Gdansk)

Marek Zukowski, director of International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies, University of Gdansk (2018-). Scientific results: theory of optical entanglement swapping (1993-1995), Bell theorem for higher dimensional systems and for many observers (2000-2002), quantum reduction of communication complexity (2002-), non-classicality indicators for quantum optics (from 2014); theoretical input to experimental multiphoton interferometry (1993-). Local coordinator of EU grants within Framework programs. Member of the Board of National Science Centre (2010-2018), the main granting agency in Poland. Associate editor of Physical Review A of American Physical Society (2016-2019). Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) Prize (2013), Copernicus Prize (DFG and FNP).  Manyfold visiting professor at Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna (1991-), and in China (Tsinghua, 2005, USTC, 2011).