Mile Dželalija (University of Split)

Dr Mile Dželalija is a professor at the University of Split. Besides teaching and research in physics, from an initial focus on quality assurance in higher education he has gradually expanded his focus to various areas of education policies. His fields of expertise in education sector range from teaching, lifelong learning, quality assurance, qualifications frameworks, validation of non-formal and informal learning, recognition of foreign qualifications, digitalisation in higher education, up to transfer of innovation. He has extensive experience in preparation and management of a number of international research and education projects within various programmes. He leads Quality Assurance and Ethics Subcommittee and processes for testing and implementation of the European Digital Credentials for Learning and automatic recognition of qualifications for the European University of the Seas, SEA-EU. Professor Dželalija is an author of over 300 of reviewed publications. He has been leading and participating as an expert in over 50 international projects.