Inauguration of the Anti-Fragility Think Tank 1 December 2021

The Extended Executive Committee formally approved the nominated members of the Anti-Fragility Think Tank (AFTT) on December 1st, establishing the body that will serve as the Alliance’s permanent and future-shaping body, tasked with providing guidance and assistance to the Alliance during crises, strengthening its capacity to survive, thrive and anticipate future changes and trends.
The AFTT will actively advocate for paradigm and systemic shifts and issue publicly available recommendations that other universities can use as guidance. The University of Split presented the Rules of Procedure of the AFTT which were created by the Task Team and govern how AFTT conducts its business (structure, nomination process and functioning in terms of work that needs to be done before and during the meetings).


We are currently preparing for the first meeting of the AFTT. During this meeting we are about to explore the current state of play and learnings in the context of research and innovation throughout our Alliance and across disciplines.


This meeting will be live-streamed and open to the public, so keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates on AFTT meetings.