Kick-off meeting for the Greening research and innovation practices’ task 30 September 2021

Last Thursday 30 September, Odile Blanchard (Lecturer in Economics at the University of Grenoble Alpes and co-animator of the “Carbon Footprint” team of the Labo1.5 collective) and Olivier Ragueneau (Research Director at France’s National Center for Scientific Research and involved in the SEA-EU Alliance) gave a presentation as part of the Greening research and innovation activity of reSEArch-EU.


The audience learned about the origins and the goals of the Labo1.5 collective and of the GES1.5 methodology, created by this same collective.


The application of this methodology as part of the Expé 1.5 at UBO was then described in detail.


Next steps : to write a Position Paper for the Alliance on Greening research and innovation practices by June 2022. In the meantime, members of the alliance are invited (on a voluntary basis) to work collaboratively on implementing a tool to measure the carbon impact of research and innovation in other SEA-EU universities.