SEA EU Talent webinar series for young researchers comes to an end 5 December 2023

The reSEArch-EU Project not only seeks results in terms of entrepreneurship, stakeholder engagement, open science, etc. but also intends to serve as a launch pad for researchers in the SEA-EU Alliance.


As part of the dissemination activities, led by the University of Cadiz, the SEA-EU Talent programme is developed with the aim of promoting the work of the SEA-EU Alliance’s young researchers, thus increasing the social impact of their investigations and giving a boost to their careers.


A total of 8 different webinars were held with the participation of more than 20 young researchers from different universities of the alliance. 


SEA-EU Talent: meet our participants!


If you are interested, you can re-watch all the webinars on our YouTube channel, here is the link: