Preparatory meeting for the Open Science Staff Week in Malta 9 December 2021


Last week, the team leading Open Science activities in reSEArch-EU met in Valleta to discuss the organization of the Staff Week on Open Science, which will be held from 24 to 26 January 2022 in the University of Malta.


In this Staff Week, representatives from all partners of the SEA-EU Alliance will kick off the discussion on the design of the SEA-EU Open Research Data Systems and the development of the SEA-EU Open Research Data Policies. In addition, the Open Science Ambassadors from all partner universities will meet to plan how Open Science practices can be promoted across their research communities.


The SEA-EU Alliance, via the reSEArch-EU Project, produced last October the Report on Best Practices in Open Science, which is available on this webpage, and that will set the basis for the discussions to be held in Malta next January.