Read it now! Report on best practices in Open Science 28 October 2021

The project partners of reSEArch-EU have produced the Report on Current Practices in Open Science.


Data on ‘practices in open science’ was collected from the six partner universities within the SEa-EUU Alliance an a report was produced in September 2021.


The data gives a clear indication of current procedures, practices and initiatives, as well as future plans, related to Open Research Data Management (ORDM). As yet, none of the partner Universities have an ORDM policy in place, but all institutions are implementing open access policies and all are, to some extent, implementing open research data management practices. Some universities are not able to implement an institutional ORDM policy due to national policies that govern data management.


Additionally, it is clear that subject-specific repositories are preferred due to they being more versatile to cater for particular datasets. The development of an Open Research Data toolkit is also considered as essential aid to support researchers for data management practices. Raising awareness on the significance of data sharing is critical for researchers, together with the provision of training and support.


All partner universities in SEA-EU have Library staff directly responsible for supporting researchers in ORDM practices.


You can read the full report here:


2021-10-28 Scoping Survey_open_science