Past, present and future of the ReSEArch-EU project at the SEA EU Kick of Meeting 7 February 2023

On 7 th February an hybrid event of the ReSEArch-EU Technical Working Group was held in Cádiz within the Kick-Off Meeting of the SEA EU week.


In this hybrid session, different topics were discussed about the pending project activities in 2023, review and comments on the full list of projects in 2023 and follow-up on new proposals.


The attendees at this meeting belonging to the different Universities were: Aldo Drago (University of Malta), Tea Pezo (University of Split), Olivia Lahens (University of Bretagne Occidentale), Ketil Eliane (Nord University), Justyna Sikorska (University of Gdansk ), Sinje Dübeler (University of Kiel), Juan Ramón Real and Beatriz Díaz (University of Cádiz).


We are sure that in the coming months the ReSEArch-EU project will continue to surprise us with different activities and events, both internal and organized for the entire scientific community and other people who want to participate.