Towards open science: current state and new horizons 30 November 2022

On 29th November, the Open Science session of the University of Cádiz was held by different speakers:

  • Antonio Vélez Estévez (Interim Substitute Professor at the Higher School of Engineering from the University of Cádiz).
  • José Antonio Moral Muñoz (Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy from the University of Cádiz).
  • David Manuel Lucena Antón (Doctor Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy from the University of Cádiz).


The session began with Antonio Estévez who presented what Open Science is and its initial considerations. Multilingual scientific knowledge freely available, accessible (open access and open data) reusable, and reproducible science are the most important concepts of this new scientific policy.


In fact, the trend towards open science plays a very important role in the agreement on the Science, Research and Innovation Performance of the EU 2020.


Secondly, David Lucena showed the benefits of open science practices. The main benefits are: transparency, reproducibility, collaborations and rewards.


Lastly, the presentation of José Antonio Moral was about Citizen Science: What is Citizen science? Which are the benefits for researchers? and What is the role of Citizen Science in Open Science?. Citizens should be part of science as a way to respond to their needs. On the other hand researchers should spend time to make a real transfer of knowledge in the different social statements. He also gave us a practical example that is being developed at the University of Cádiz.


Around 60 participants attended this webinar. Everyone agreed that it was very interesting and enriching. In addition, thanks to the questions from the attendees, a very interesting debate was generated on the new way to analyze the quality of science and the increasing relevance of altmetrics.


Thank you very much to all the attendees and if you want to see this session again, you will have it available on our YouTube channel .


Stay tuned for upcoming events.