First video meeting of the Open Science Ambassadors 30 March 2022


Last Wednesday 30 March the Open Science Ambassadors of the European University of the Seas (SEA-EU) held the first video meeting after the Staff Week on Open Science that took place in Malta in January.


The role of the Open Science Ambassadors (OSA) consists of the dissemination and mainstreaming of open science practices across the research community at each SEA-EU partner university. This is done in parallel with the adoption of a Policy Framework on Open Research Data (ORD) Management and the establishment of a Common ORD system, which provide a necessary technical basis for the adoption of such open science practices.


Therefore, the Open Science Ambassadors become key actors in the success of this ambitious entrerprise: at the individual level, it will be thanks to them that researchers across all the SEA-EU Universities will be able to know first hand and receive training aimed at adapting open science to their specific research fields; at the collective level, an increase in the adoption of open science practices will make the research stemming out of every partner of the SEA-EU Alliance more transparent and reliable, and will help researchers from other places to access more easily a valuable wealth of data useful for their own research.


Once the basis for the work to be done in 2022, 2023 by the Open Science Ambassadors was agreed upon in Malta, the Open Science Ambassadors are beginning as of April a round of informative sessions that will serve both to promote the adoption of open science practices and to train participants from each SEA-EU partner university for their incorporation in their usual research workflow.