Open Data at the University of Cadiz

Rafael Rodríguez Galván made a presentation entitled ‘Open Data and Open Science at
the University of Cadiz.’

Rafael Rodríguez Galván primarily shared his own experiences with Open Data and Open Science,
drawing from his extensive years of work at the University of Cadiz. His presentation centered
around several key aspects, including Free Software, definitions, ethical commitment,
collaboration, data reuse, the promotion of open access through the virtual campus at UCA, and
institutional data sharing legislation.’

Kevin Valle Gómez made a presentation entitled ‘Open Data at the University of Cadiz.’

During the presentation, Kevin J. Valle-Gómez shared his experience with open data in the field
of Software Testing, spanning from his initial steps in his PhD journey to the defense of his thesis.
In this research domain, the availability of open data plays a crucial role in the dissemination of
knowledge. Its absence can result in the the loss of invaluable work and solutions. Nevertheless,
the scientific community is making significant efforts to address the issue of insufficient open data,
aiming to consign it to the past.