Open Science Day: from Open Access and Open Data to the involvement of the public

Within the framework of the International Open Access Week, the reSEArch EU project team (European University of the Seas SEA EU) and the Library, Archives and Publications Area (University of Cadiz), organized the “Open Science Day: from Open Access and Open Data to citizen involvement”, which took place on October 26 in the University of Cádiz.

With almost 100 participants (PDI, PAS and PhD students), the conference was held in person, virtually and in streaming from the SEA EU You Tube Channel.

The Conference, inaugurated by the General Director of Management and Support for R&D&I, David Jiménez, the General Coordinator of the SEA EU Alliance, Fidel Echevarría, Jesús Fernández, Director of the Library Area of the University of Cádiz and Laura Martín, Coordinator of reSEArch EU, counted with the intervention of the President of the Open Science Commission of CRUE, Jaume Puy (Rector of the University of Lleida).

Jaume Puy highlighted the guidelines set out in the LOSU and the Law of Science and Technology regarding Open Science and changes in the evaluation of research activity. The president of the Open Science Commission shared with us the long-term strategies that will allow, through the practice of Open Science, to innovate, make visible, increase the impact and reproducibility of our research.

The Open Science Ambassadors from University of Cadiz (reSEArch EU team), David Lucena and José Antonio Moral, spoke about Open Science and the benefits for researchers.

Carmen Franco and Jesús Fernández shared with us the tools available for researchers at our university, from the Scientific Production Portal to the “Toolkit” for Open Science practice. Jesús Fernández highlighted the important role that the reSEArch EU Team is playing, together with the UCA library team, in the design of a common Open Science strategy for the SEA EU University Alliance.

Finally, Rafael Rodríguez and Kevin Valle, shared their experiences in Open Data and Laura del Río and Juan Ceballo, showed us the different strategies and examples of Citizen Science Projects.

You can follow again this Open Science Day in our YouTube Channel