Open Science introductory session for PhDs and Post-doctoral students – «Write a Data Management Plan. Initiation»

The purpose of the training was to provide PhD and Post-doctoral students with the key
information required to prepare a DMP.

The training session was provided in english by Gemma Davies, ORDO for UBO.

The training focused on an initial introduction to research data and the structure of a data management plan; good research data management practices for sharing and storing data; the FAIR principle; whether data should be open or not and the legislation applicable; how to use Opidor to find models, examples and write a collaborative plan. Then a critical analysis of a published data management plan.

Course objectives were for participants to be able to write a Data Management Plan for a research project, have a basic understanding of the legislation concerning sharing different types of data, have a basic understanding of best practices concerning data management within a public institution.

This course contributed to the acquisition of skills as described in the UBO skills repository. It also contributes to the acquisition of the skills of doctoral graduates (Order of 22 February 2019).

Participants were encouraged to reach out to the Open Science Ambassadors, Data Protection
Officer and Open Research Data Officers of the university to build their DMP and should they
require any further information.

Contact details for any follow-up questions or inquiries : Gemma Davies, ORDO for UBO :