Participation in the European Researchers’ Night


The European Researchers’ Night is an invitation to spend an evening talking to researchers from all
walks of life in hundreds of towns and cities across Europe, including 16 in France. Always quirky, unusual and unexpected, the event provides an opportunity to meet scientists in a festive atmosphere, through a variety of innovative activities.

It’s a unique opportunity to talk about science in a fun way!


Océanopolis has been coordinating the European Researchers’ Night for 18 years. The city of
Brest is the Breton representative for the event, and each edition is a resounding success! The
evening has become a not-to-be-missed event for young and old alike.

One of the highlights of the evening is the importance attached to the theme.

One of the original features of this unusual evening in Brest is that all participants, researchers
and members of the public alike, are invited to dress in the theme of the event.

To keep track of the whole event and the researchers’ stations, a booklet is available to follow
the red thread and win lots of prizes at the end of the evening!

Last but not least, the evening will be enlivened by a host of innovative activities, including
meetings with researchers, demonstrations, experiments and observations…

It’s a unique opportunity to discover the world of research and the human beings behind the lab
coat. Coming from a wide range of disciplines (astronomy, biology, computing, etc.), the evening is an
opportunity to meet and talk to the researchers.”

The UBO held a stand on Open Science, involving two Open Science Ambassadors, the Head
of Scientific Communication and the Manager of reSEArch-EU. They introduced the DECODE
serious game create specially within the SEA-EU framework and invited the audience to solve
its puzzles while learning about Open Science.

A second stand was dedicated to a research topic
involving participatory science and humour, funded
by SEA-EU as part of UBO’s SEA-EU Search fund,
called Joker.

The Target Audience was the general public of the
Brest-area and over 3750 people participated in this
year’s edition.

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