Peer Kröger (Kiel University)

About him

I have been nominated as the Open Science Ambassador by the Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU) Kiel. My research background is in data science, particularly data management and data analysis, and the principles of open and fair (data) science is paramount in these areas.

Meaning and value of Open Science

Open science for me is about sharing and benchmarking data, meta data, and code, e.g. for easy comparisons and reproducibility. In addition, it should address the sharing of experiences, best practices and specialist knowledge in such a way that it is useful and accessible to the public.

Expectations for reSEArch-EU

The interdisciplinary nature of SEA-EU can help to come up with well-founded and well-designed results for open science that unites multiple views from different disciplines. Thus, SEA-EU may be the perfect vehicle to create a critical mass necessary to set standards and benchmarks which are respected and agreed upon by a broader community.