Pomeranian Researchers’ Night at the University of Gdańsk

During the event co-organized by Tricity universities and science centers on September 29, several hundred events were held.

At the University of Gdańsk, as part of nearly 50 lectures and workshops, thirteen events were directly related to climate change, adaptation to climate change and sustainable development.

These included among others following topics: “Protect the environment”, “The warmer, the better?”, “Amber inclusions – witnesses of the climate change”, “Naturally – renewable”, “Attention! End of the world! The brain in the face of information about the climate change”, “The disastrous impact of environmental pollution on the functioning of the brain”, “Invisible microplastics and its impact on humans”, “Green games – fun and education for the Planet”.

Visitors could play games that entertained and educated about biodiversity and the threats resulted from the climate change.
One of the few workshops, during which visitors could learn about threats to marine biodiversity and ways to protect water environment.
One of the stations of the chemical field game entitled ‘Protect the Environment’, in which visitors could learn about environmental protection.
Biotechnology workshops covered, among others, the topic of threats related to the environmental pollution on the human body.
One of the few workshops related to the assessment of climate change, here is presented the example of amber research.
Visitors could learn about the impact of environmental pollution and contact with the natural environment on our brain and psyche.