Promotion of Open Science on European Researchers Night, Open Science Quiz, Talks with Researchers (29 September 2023.) 

The Promotion of Open Science event on European Researchers Night, held on September 29, 2023, was a resounding success. Through a combination of activities, including an Open Science Quiz and Talks with Researchers, the event achieved its objectives and left a positive impact on both participants and organizers, also videocapsules of OSA were on the video wall whole event.

Event Overview

Date: September 29, 2023

Venue: Split, city center

Organizer: UNIST

Activities and Highlights

1. Open Science Quiz

Picture 1: Open Science Quiz

One of the focal points of the event was the Open Science Quiz. This interactive quiz provided participants with an opportunity to test their knowledge about Open Science concepts, principles, and its significance in contemporary research. The quiz consisted of a series of multiple-choice questions and was designed to be accessible to participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Participants: Over 20 participants took part in the Open Science Quiz throughout the evening.

2. Talks with Researchers

The “Talks with Researchers” segment of the event featured presentations and discussions by prominent researchers and scientists who are actively research, share success stories, and inspire the audience.

Picture 2: Research Talks

3. Dissemination of OSA videocapsules

The inclusion of Open Science videocapsules on the main stage video wall was a pivotal element of our event’s success during the European Researchers Night. These videocapsules played a crucial role in conveying the essence and significance of Open Science to our diverse audience, making complex concepts accessible and engaging.

Picture 3: OSA videocapsules on main stage


The Promotion of Open Science event on European Researchers Night successfully achieved its goal of promoting awareness and understanding of Open Science principles among the public.