Research Support for Services and Open Science in the Library of the University of Cadiz

Jesús Fernández García made the presentation titled ‘Services of Research Support and Open
Science in the Library of the University of Cadiz.’ During this presentation, Jesús explained that
the library of the University of Cadiz provides the following services:

  • Grants support for researchers and open science access, facilitating the dissemination of
    the univerrsity’s scientific output. This promotes transparency in research results and
    showcases collaborative efforts and their impact through the Portal of Scientific Production
    of the UCA.
  • Promotes Open Science, enhancing the visibility, impact, dissemination, and free access to
    scientific and educational activities at the UCA. This is achieved through the Institutional
    Repository of the UCA (RODIN) and support for open publishing.
  • Offers tools and indicators for evaluating research activities, both at the individual level
    (support for evaluation calls) and at the institutional level (analysis of UCA’s production
    and support for internal evaluation processes through the Bibliometrics Unit).