Roman Tabisz (University of Gdansk)

About him

I have been working in academic libraries since 2000. I began at the University of Warsaw Library and currently I have been working as a deputy director at the University of Gdansk Library.
My professional interests are focused on both automated library systems and the tools dedicated to open science. Since 2021 I have been holding the position of Open Research Data Officer (ORDO) within the reSEArchEU project.

His experience in open research data management

The University of Gdansk Library supports academic researchers and students in the field of open research data. I have been responsible for supervising and coordinating actions that aim at providing them with high quality support within the field. Recently I have been focused on developing the institutional repository of open research data as well as providing advisory services in the area of operations concerning data management plan (DMP).

His expectations for reSEArch-EU

I am convinced that the exchange of experience, sharing good practice and coordinating operations by the partners of the reSEArchEU project will enhance the promotion of Open Research Data at the University of Gdansk. What will be particularly important is the enhancement of present projects due to engaging the Open Science Ambassadors appointed within the reSEArchEU Project.