SEA-EU Academy


The creation of a channel for the exchange of know-how and skills of the Alliance in form of the SEA-EU Academy will significantly strengthen human resources, build internal networks, and increase knowledge and information sharing, as the core of university’s capacity for resilience.


SEA-EU Academy will be a completely virtual teaching space with the provision of training and learning experiences sourced from the Alliance expertise and shared with other partners. Using a human-centred design approach, this task will outline the SEA-EU Academy guiding principles focused on the perspective of university employees. Typical SEA-EU Academy themes will deal with the identified key anti-fragility challenges and will cover topics such as digital skills (T2.2 &T2.3), Open Science (WP5), innovation and entrepreneurial mindset (WP3 – Spin-off competence lab and SEA-innovate HUB), sustainable R&I practices (T2.5), etc. First piloted format of the SEA-EU Academy will be a workshop based on the Google Ventures design sprint methodology. It will use the output of task 2.3. to speculate and build a prototype to answer one identified remotization challenge.