Business model with Raúl Estrada in the last Spin Off Competence Lab  24 January 2023

On 24th January a webinar of the Spin Off Competence Lab about “Business Model” was led by Raúl Estrada.


Estrada starts with an interesting introduction talking about what is a business model and gives to the participant a lot of resources to learn about business models. Also Raúl goes through the presentation analysis of a Business Model Canvas step by step.


As a short CV of the speaker you must know that Estrada has the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Masters degree in Business Internationalization, Masters degree in Arts and Communication, Phd Candidate in Entrepreneurship. On the other hand he has +20 years of cross-sectoral (Telefonica, ICEX, Lightintebox – NYSE:LITB, etc.), international experience (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, China, etc.) and he is advisor and board member in a variety of digital Startups.


In total there were about 20 people who attended this seminar from the different Universities of the Alliance. All attendees agreed on how useful, practice and applied it have knowledge about business model to entrepreneurs and also the finished with a very interesting round of questions sharing self projects and ideas.