Spin-off Competence Lab (4)


On 23th November the last session of the Spin-off Competence Lab 2022 was led by Margaret Mangion from University of Malta.   Margaret presented a very participative and useful session about how to train our creativity in order to turn problems into opportunities. Also reference was also be made to evaluation methods using creative thinking […]

On 11th November the third session of the Spin-off Competence Lab was led by Prof. Ivica Mitrović from University of Split.    Ivica presented an entertainment lecture about the state of Speculative Design practice via personal projects and SpeculativeEdu project experiences and the possible future paths for the practice.   Speculative design emerged around 20 […]

On 9th November the second session of the Spin-off Competence Lab was led by Prof. Russell Smith (University of Malta).   All start-up businesses will need early finance to cover the deficits that arise prior to the new enterprise becoming profitable.   Since start-up rarely have products or services for sale at the outset, it […]

On 20th October the first session of the Spin-off Competence Lab was held by Raúl Estrada.   The session was about the Lean Canva Methodology for early researchers who have interest in entrepreneurship apart from their scientist aspirations. Estrada explained in a very entertaining and easy way the important steps about how our students should […]