Reality threatens to become more dystopian than fiction. Re-thinking the role of speculative design practice 14 November 2022

On 11th November the third session of the Spin-off Competence Lab was led by Prof. Ivica Mitrović from University of Split. 


Ivica presented an entertainment lecture about the state of Speculative Design practice via personal projects and SpeculativeEdu project experiences and the possible future paths for the practice.


Speculative design emerged around 20 years ago to provide a counter-approach to mainstream market-oriented design. Additionally speculative design was known (and criticized) for its ability to create future dystopias for many years.


Now, as reality threatens to become more dystopian than fiction, it is important to re-think the role of speculative practice and this is exactly what he showed in his presentation, opening a new scenario about the “new trend”.


Prof. Mitrović was the coordinator of the SpeculativeEdu, an educational project funded by the ERASMUS+ EU program, to strengthen Speculative Design education by collecting and exchanging existing knowledge and experience whilst developing new methods in the field of speculative design. He is the Head of the Visual Communications Design Department at the Arts Academy, University of Split.


In total there were about 35 people who attended this seminar from the different Universities of the Alliance. All attendees agreed on how important and useful it is to know the speculative design of the past, present and future in our research fields.


If you missed out this presentation or you want to watch it again, you have it available on the YouTube channel of the SEA-EU Alliance: